Nicky hilton dating david katzenberg

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Todd had arrived on Saturday, the day after Nicky flew in Friday with Tara Reid and the gang.

Shortly before midnight someone from the couple's party called to reserve chapel time.

En janvier 2016, elle annonce attendre son premier enfant.She followed that with a four year romance with David Katzenberg, son of Hollywood honcho Jeffrey Katzenberg.The pair are pictured right in January 2001At her three-day 2015 wedding, Nicole Richie and Bijou Phillips were nowhere to be found, but Nicky had her whole family with her this time, not just Paris, and even dad Rick was there to deliver a toast.The chapel, which hosted about 30 weddings on August 14, stayed open for the early hour wedding on the 15th.When they met: Nicky met Todd when she was about 15 years old, although it's unknown exactly when.

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