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There were two African-American guys on the show at the same time which is a first for Real World.Given that the last season never real went anywhere, this was quite a change!Too bad he was too dumb to realize that he would become the laughing stock of the show. He claims that Robin went back into the club and scratched his neck (something that was not shown on TV). Items of interest The Cast ‘Ace’ Clyde Amerson, Adam King, ‘CT’ Chris Tamburello, Leah Gillingwater, Mallory Snyder, Christina Trainor, and Simon Sherry-Wood. Well, aside from CT’s Valentine’s Day lie which was pretty dramatic!Review/Commentary As predicted by Citynet Magazine, this season went back to being more what people are used to, cutting down on the blatant and rampant sex in MTV Real World Las Vegas. Ace and Mallory trying to dodge the camera was funny in that we see her true side come out. He seems like an unlikely candidate to be the season’s player but he does become just that.The cast certainly did its share of partying this season. The cast worked on a covering two bands at the South by Southwest Music Festival.Each season the Real World casting agents pick people an an attempt at trying to find a certain chemistry among the housemates. Items of interest The Cast Shavonda Billingslea, Landon Lueck, William “Willie” Hernandez, Karamo Brown, Melanie Silcott, MJ Garrett, and Sarah Burke.Review/Commentary Even though this was a good season, we want more drama! It’s great that Jon Bon Jovi was involved in the playground project and kudos to the MTV Real World Philadelphia cast for building it.We really see how parents can influence their kids psychologically with Sarah’s mom being so mean. Still, Sarah is a sexy babe and she’s not fat, despite what her mother says.

Aside from Katelynn, the transgendered female in the house. Items of interest The Cast Sarah Ralston, Joey Kovar, David Malinosky, Kimberly Alexander, Brittini Sherrod, William Gilbert, Brianna Taylor, Nick Brown, and Greg Halstead. Too many people spent their post-episode conversations discussing how Greg’s attitude was ridiculous.You gotta love the ridiculousness of people fighting it out to be on the show and then trying to avoid the camera. Of course, when you have TV cameras following you everywhere you go, there are a lot of women who suddenly become interested, even if they wouldn’t have been under typical circumstances. CT has maaaajor anger management and maturity issues.Mallory is cute and it’s too bad she didn’t really go anywhere in terms of “character development” if you can call it that! Items of interest This was a season of the hottest babe to ever appear on MTV Real World: Trishelle Canatella and her roomates.It was turbulent for the first half and then slowed down towards the end. One of the more interesting points of this season was that Frankie, who is diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, leaves the show a few episodes before the end of the season.The cast works as the crew of sailboat for tourists, which they don’t enjoy. She is replaced by Charlie Dordevich, whose Real World San Diego appearance seems like more of a cameo than anything else.

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